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Friday, August 15th, 2014

Tonight (Friday) begins the audio-visual mini-fest, Exploded Cinema, at Wellington’s Film Archive, Nga Taonga. Starts at 7 and over by 9!

Friday 15th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Oona Verse and Lady Lazer Light / 7.40 Samin Son and Yousuke Fuyama / 8.20 i.ryoko

Saturday 16th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Antony Milton / 7.40 Sign of the Hag / 8.20 Noel Meek and Olivia Webb

Thanks to John Heighes, aka Milky Joe, for putting together this compilation featuring Wellington favourites Ballah Playah Gnar, The All Seeing Hand, Orchestra of Spheres, I.Ryoko, Douglas Lilburn, Mr Sterile Assembly, The Golden Awesome, John White and MORE!

“Mixed by Milky Joe for The Society for the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life… Headphone listening recommended… With only a couple of exceptions this is a Wellington-centric mix, and represents a very small sample of the fantastic, extra-ordinary, implausible, astonishing, surprising, improbable, unlikely, incredible, unbelievable, shocking and Microsoft Word Synonym function worthy music being made here in Wellington, Aotearoa.”


Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Seth Frightening has a new video out for the song Dress Rehearsal Dead Meat, from his new album which is due out soon! Have a looky/listen:

Seth Frightening is currently on tour with the legendary All Seeing Hand, who released a new album last Friday called Fog & Debris:

This presumably from the band’s press release: “The All Seeing Hand have access to an eye with more precision and scope than the Five Eyes of the dominant Western powers; One Eye through All Eyes, the Empathic Eye. They have disregarded petty rhetoric on concerns of law and collated the meta-data of human experience within this vast universe; not merely the meagre digital interactions confined to the World Wide Web, but a grand repository dedicated to living action and thought. They have experienced and analysed the thinking and behaviours of this radical species whose impact is becoming extraterrestrial. And while they wish to share their findings, they want you to know that you already know; and they are willing to manipulate you into a state in which you will be even more open to the new hierarchies they herald. It is a time to fear, a time to decode, a time to rejoice!”

Partake in the All Seeing Hand and Seth Frightening NZ Tour in Wellington this Saturday with the always excellent Orchestra of Spheres! T’will be a good one.

Orchestra of Spheres
Orchestra of Spheres playing Sun Ra at Meow, 6th June 2014


Monday, October 15th, 2012

These wonderful people will be returning to NZ soon!

A recent interview from the midst of their Europe tour - Orchestra of Spheres interview


Friday, March 9th, 2012


The Frederick St Sound and Light Exploration Society deserves eternal immunity to all things counter its continuation. For three glorious years this 110 year old hall has been the creative home to some of the most exciting and inspiring music and art in New Zealand with everything one could want for an alternative arts space; beautiful acoustics, a beautiful atmosphere, welcoming hosts and audiences, free cups of tea, BYO and even a beer vending machine!

We at Sonorous Circle feel extremely lucky to have had a place like this in our midst, supplying us with a steady flow of mind-expanding sounds and sights. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Dan Beban, Nell Thomas and the whole extended crew of Freds practitioners and supporters for keeping the place active and nurturing such an amazing artistic community in the process.

ALAS, because the council has deemed it an earthquake risk, tomorrow will see its final show before the building is boarded up and later demolished. A sad state of affairs, but not without the celebration it deserves! This is your last chance to enjoy this vital Wellington institution!


3:00pm Garage sale - - - - a few musical goodies and other assorted items
4:00pm BIRDCATCHER - ethereal feedback from Antony Milton and Bill Wood 
4:30pm COOKIE BROOKLYN - surrealist songsmith Mark Williams 
5:00pm BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE - full on wonky beats by Reece McNaughten and Bridget Kelly
5:30pm LONTALIUS - Eddie’s skipping his school camp trip to be at the gig!
6:00pm SENDAM ORCHESTRA - like Varese played by the Shaggs!
6:30pm SEWING CIRCLE - purveyors of true rock n roll spirit Josh Harris and Steve Wymzelico 
7:00pm SETH FRIGHTENING - needs no introduction
7:45pm MR STERILE ASSEMBLY - up up up up up up up up up
8:30pm SIGN OF THE HAG - fit inducing sound and light spinning wheel techno
9:15pm ALL SEEING HAND - cargo cult ritual celebrations of new Rena container washups
10:00pm THE MANTARAYS - psychgaragesufisurfdancegrooves
11:00pm MONGO SKATO + MISCHANCERIE - open up a tunnel previously unknown
11:30pm ORCHESTRA OF SPHERES - might as well kill two birds with one stone. This will be the last Spheres gig in NZ for ….?

+ DJ COUGH MEDICINE spins till late.