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Friday, August 15th, 2014

Tonight (Friday) begins the audio-visual mini-fest, Exploded Cinema, at Wellington’s Film Archive, Nga Taonga. Starts at 7 and over by 9!

Friday 15th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Oona Verse and Lady Lazer Light / 7.40 Samin Son and Yousuke Fuyama / 8.20 i.ryoko

Saturday 16th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Antony Milton / 7.40 Sign of the Hag / 8.20 Noel Meek and Olivia Webb

Thanks to John Heighes, aka Milky Joe, for putting together this compilation featuring Wellington favourites Ballah Playah Gnar, The All Seeing Hand, Orchestra of Spheres, I.Ryoko, Douglas Lilburn, Mr Sterile Assembly, The Golden Awesome, John White and MORE!

“Mixed by Milky Joe for The Society for the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life… Headphone listening recommended… With only a couple of exceptions this is a Wellington-centric mix, and represents a very small sample of the fantastic, extra-ordinary, implausible, astonishing, surprising, improbable, unlikely, incredible, unbelievable, shocking and Microsoft Word Synonym function worthy music being made here in Wellington, Aotearoa.”


Monday, June 30th, 2014

This is New Zealand-born Nashville resident, Renee Louise Carafice, playing at Wellington’s Meow Bar on 13th June in support of her wonderful recently released album, Power Animals. Have a listen if you’re into (self-described) “experimental glam folk music”!

“This album is an anti-suicide note: love songs to myself and hate songs to the haters. These songs say: I am alive, and perhaps being alive is more brutal than being dead.”

“The sometimes whisperingly gentle, sometimes screamingly intense album unflinchingly covers the topic of power and power struggles in its many forms, and carries with it a sense of urgent knowing that things collapse and things can eventually rebuild.”

A review/ interview by Nick Bollinger of Radio New Zealand, 21st June 2014:


Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Before I post the pics from the South Island leg of the All Seeing Hand/ Seth Frightening tour, I’ve gotta catch up on a few posts! These red photos are from a show at Pyramid Club in Wellington on May 25th:

Seth Frightening
Seth Frightening @ Pyramid Club

Here’s a new track from the forthcoming Seth Frightening album which is very close to completion:

Charlotte Forrester
Charlotte Forrester > watch a live video from this show here <

Dean Roberts
Dean Roberts

Dick Whyte
Dick Whyte

FANZ are a Wellington noise group featuring Antony Milton, Samin Son, Noel Meek and Fergus Nelson Moores (Mischancerie). They recently released a CDR on the local noise/psychedelic/underground label, Pseudo Arcana (check out a promo vid here), and played a release show at Newtown’s excellent ‘Death Ray Records’ on May 31st:

Death Ray Records


Roc///Opt/ > listen @ Bandcamp


Monday, June 9th, 2014

A video for i.ryoko’s ‘Future Window II’ by Tristan Brooks, featuring footage and field recordings taken in Guiyang and Shanghai, China in 2013.

+ A ten-minute programme on the making of the recently released album ‘Opening‘ for Emma Smith’s Music 101 show on Radio New Zealand:

And some more photos from the i.ryoko Audio Foundation residency. These ones are from February 28th, taken at the Acoustics Centre at the University of Auckland. Many thanks to the acoustics technician, Gian Schmid, for facilitating my visit.

Sounds geeks marvel at this impressive two-level reverb chamber with rotating diffusers!

The anechoic chamber is designed to have no sound reflections at all. The room itself is isolated on rubber from the rest of the building on all six sides to stop sounds travelling through the walls from outside, and the large foam spikes are designed for maximum internal sound absorption, making this the closest to silence one can get, right in the centre of Auckland city! I had the luxury of being left in here alone and didn’t want to leave, such was the profound and calming effect of silence that is sadly absent from our noisy world!

You can hear a recording of this silence at the end of the album >


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Our Australian-based pals, A Dead Forest Index, have a new 4 track 12″ release out today through Pop Noire Records. You can stream it in full below and check out their new video Cast of Lines:


Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

This album was created predominantly in early 2014 when I was the Artist in Residence at the Audio Foundation in Myers Park, Auckland. Further arrangement and recording done at SCHQ, Newtown, Wellington. Available now to listen/ download and pay what you like. Limited edition cassettes will be available at live performances.

Review thanks to Alex Mitcalfe Wilson ( :
“I.Ryoko is Thomas Lambert’s longest-running musical project, a musical identity that has evolved through his deep involvement with independent music and sonic art over many years. Imbued with thought and care, I.Ryoko’s latest album, Opening, is a polished suite of nine recordings that showcase Lambert’s signature juxtaposition of synthetic and recorded sound with his own nuanced voice. The overall mood is both energetic and insistent, its assemblage of sounds challenging the listener and demanding their full attention.

Each of the album’s parts is arranged with a keen attention to rhythm, narrative and flow that is rare in abstract music; their striking sonic contrasts arranged with a singular dedication to the construction of an emergent, collective whole. The tracks oscillate between swollen, overlapping tonal peaks and rigorous, stripped-back arrangements that resonate in empty time.

Throughout Opening, Lambert’s control of soundscape is elegant and light-handed. Mixing each of its tracks for the maximum of sonic richness and emotional impact, he created an album that follows in the strongest traditions of exploratory electronic music while taking stock of the latest possibilities of digital sound. Opening is, at all of its diverse moments, an immersive listening experience that demands attention, constantly reminding the listener of its composer’s expertise and his drive to tell the stories of our world.”


Friday, May 23rd, 2014

i.ryoko & Ol’ Blackgums. Photo by Tristan Brooks.

Ahead of official release this Wednesday 28th May, the debut album from i.ryoko will be streaming exclusively on Under the Radar > listen here!


Sunday, December 1st, 2013

HAPPY NZ SUMMER!!!! Thankyou twins.

Athuzela Brown: A Cliff at Dawn


Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Art by Zach Webber

This next-level 6-track EP is available for pay-as-you-like download from

& if you like it, check out Zach’s solo-project, Paperghost! Masterly.


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Here is the new project from the Wellington-based genius behind Paperghost, Zach Webber, in collaboration with vocalist Jess Arcus. Tis a mind-bogglingly finely crafted, off kilter, hip-hoppy, dynamic, nostalgic, cerebral, amazing wee EP!!! Have a listen below and pay-as-you-like download. What fun!!! Please spread the joy at will.